A danpatsu todoke, which is said to have been submitted to the prefectural government when a woman had her hair cut, was discovered by an old family in Shiroi City, Chiba Prefecture. , Valuable material that seems to show the values ​​of the time (curator of the same society)

The keyword for hairstyles popular among girls these days is “loose”? In fact, there are times when I intentionally break down something that has been elaborately created to make it look careless, and when I put my hair together, I intentionally leave some stray hairs. On the other hand, the hairstyle of the Edo period, "Yurufuwa" is NG. It was basic to tie the hair tightly without leaving any loose hair. And there are also trends in how to tie your hair, and it seems that there are hundreds of styles.

There are various types of camellias, such as snow camellias, yabu camellias, and haru sasanqua. There are also camellias from foreign countries, which are quite different from Japanese camellias. Here, I will briefly introduce camellias and explain how to grow foreign camellias that are weak in cold resistance .

It is said that courtesans were the first to tie their hair, but it is not clear when or how they began to tie their hair. However, the Edo period was also an era when the culture of tying long black hair flourished, as evidenced by the publication of Hinagatabon, a hair book that summarizes how to style hair.